Hardware Implementation of Rainbow Tables Generation for Hash Function Cryptanalysis

Publication Type:

Book Chapter


Information Systems Architecture and Technology: Proceedings of 36th International Conference on Information Systems Architecture and Technology – ISAT 2015 – Part II, Springer International Publishing, Głośność 3, Liczba 430, Cham, p.189–200 (2016)





Słowa kluczowe:

acceleration, FPGA, hash function cryptanalysis, rainbow tables


Nowadays programmable logic structures are commonly used in cryptology. FPGA implementations of cryptographic and cryptanalytic algorithms combine advantages of an ASIC and a software, offering both great data processing speed and flexibility. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a system for rapid rainbow tables’ generation. Rainbow tables are commonly used for cryptanalysis of hash functions. The presented approach shows that proposed method may compete with CPU-based approaches when performance is considered, as well as computational complexity, while maintaining low level of programmable structures’ logic element utilization.